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Overview of the development of NGC:

Since its development, Ningbo Generic Chemical Co., Ltd. (NGC) has taken the export of pesticide as its core business, invested a lot of overseas registration, market development and brand promotion resources, and developed the global agrochemical market.

Ningbo Generic Chemical Co., headquartered in Ningbo, China. Its business operation covers 7 overseas regions, including Europe, North American Free Trade Agreement (USA, Canada and Mexico), Brazil, northern Latin America, southern Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Most of these production activities are carried out in Chinese mainland.


The export volume exceeded 200 million US dollars


Subsidiaries established in Bolivia and Nigeria, The number of overseas subsidiaries exceeded 20, CAC RECOMMENDED SUPPLER 2021


Subsidiaries established in Bulgaria, 2020 TOP 20 CHINESE PESTICIDES EXPORTERS, Serving 5000 customers worldwide


Establishment of subsidiaries in Ghana, 2019 OVERSEAS MARKET EXPANSION AWARD


The export volume exceeded 150 million US dollars, Serving 3000 customers worldwide


The annual export volume exceeds 40000 tons, Top 50 Exporting Companies Of China Agrochemical In Year 2017


Establishment of subsidiaries in Bangladesh, 2015 TOP 20 CHINESE PESTICIDES EXPORTERS


Subsidiaries established in Peru and Colombia, 2013 OVERSEAS MARKET EXPANSION AWARD


Subsidiaries established in Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica, 2012 TOP 10 CHINESE PESTICIDES EXPORTERS


Subsidiaries established in Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Serving 1000 customers worldwide


The export volume exceeded US $100 million, Set up Shanghai warehousing and logistics team


The company was established, with an export volume of more than 60 million US dollars