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10327! The amount of pesticide packaging waste recycled by NGC AGROSCIENCES PERU S.A.C exceeded 10,000!

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Recently, led by the Ministerio deAgricultura Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria SENASAandco-organized by NGC AGROSCIENCES PERU S.A.C: the recycling and treatment ofpesticide packaging waste has achieved remarkable results.

This year is the third consecutive yearthat NGC AGROSCIENCES PERU has carried out this activity in the mainagricultural production areas of Peru.As of now, the number of recycledpesticide packaging waste has reached 10,327,the total of 327 local farmershave been trained,the total training time is 17 hours.

This work has also been supported andaffirmed by the local agricultural department.

The massive recycling of hazardousagricultural solid wastes has brought higher ecological and economic benefits.

In terms of ecological benefits, it haspurified the soil environment and protected land resources;

protect the water environment,reducedpollution of agricultural land,reduce the pollution of white garbage andprotect the ecological environment.

In terms of economic benefits, therecycling, transshipment, and treatment of pesticide packaging waste havedriven the income of corresponding industries, and also driven the transportationand environmental protection industries.

"Promoting the recycling and treatmentof pesticide packaging waste is a cause that will benefit the present andfuture generations.Since 2019, within three years, all the staff of the NGCAGROSCIENCES PERU have cooperated with the local agricultural department torecycle 2,700kg of pesticide packagingwaste. "

Walther, the agronomist of NGC AGROSCIENCESPERU, said,

"While the company provideshigh-quality pesticide products and scientific application technologies for thegrowers in Peru,We also pay attention to local ecological security andenvironmental protection.We will adhere to the company's development concept:Green value Grow together."

NGC AGROSCIENCES PERU's innovative approachto recycling pesticide packaging waste is:

At the beginning of product sales andpromotion, we introduced the treatment plan for pesticide packaging waste. Setup a unified collection point in each village and town and pesticide salesoutlets.As for the pesticide waste packaging left in the field and on theroadside, we will cooperate with local government departments, distributioncustomers, and some growers to work together and complete the recycling andprocessing of pesticide packaging waste in a concentrated time.

Walther also pointed out that with thedevelopment of the company's business, the work will also go deep into moreareas, and will simultaneously promote product use Technology training + SafeUse of Pesticides Training+ Pesticide packaging waste recycling to this area.